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  Jiu Zhen Nan was established in 1894. Under the management of the fourth-generation operator Mr. Li Xiongqing, it is now a well-known Chinese pastry company for over 100 years. Li Xiongqing has taken over Jiu Zhen Nan for more than 20 years and has expanded a century-old bakery shop into 18 stores throughout the country. He has further developed the " Jiu Zhen Nan " into a well-known brand of Han Bing in Asia.

  Chairman Li understands the importance of the brand, and hopes that through research and teaching, young students at Sun Yat-sen University will understand the meaning of the brand better. He also hopes that Taiwanese industry will further enhance the establishment of brand on the basis of the existing excellent manufacturing technology to strengthen its global competitiveness. Chairman Li Xiongqing is a student of the 6th EMBA of Sun Yat-sen University and an outstanding alumnus of our school. He served as the fourth and fifth president of the Alumni Association, and is now the Honorary President of the Alumni Association. Over the years, he has been enthusiastically focused on school affairs and assisted in the promotion of school affairs. In order to achieve the purpose of conveying the meaning of the brand and improving the ability of brand management, the "National Sun Yat-sen Brand Research Center of National Sun Yat-sen University" was established through the company's capital injection.